Remove Duplicates from a List and Use COUNTIF() in Excel 2016

In this video, you’ll learn how to remove duplicates from a list in Excel. Then, using the list of unique items, you will learn how to use COUNTIF() to count the number of times each item in the original list occurred.

Click here to download the KY High School Basketball Champions starter file if you would like to follow along with this exercise.

Own Your Own: Click here to download a list of World Series Champions that you can use to practice using COUNTIF() independently. You can try to count how many times each team has won (or lost) the series or how many times a certain manager has won (or lost) the series using the same skills that were demonstrated in the walkthrough.

Excel Quickie Assignment #2

This Excel Quickie assignment provides a good opportunity to learn about or practice using the COUNTIF() function in Excel. For information about the COUNTIF() function, you may want to visit Microsoft’s COUNTIF information page.

Click here to download the Employee of the Month Count starter file. Follow the directions in the textbox on the first worksheet.

Excel Quickie Assignment #1

This is the first of my quickie assignments, which are meant to be short but very useful for teaching and reviewing valuable Excel skills. These assignments do not include step-by-step instructions. They are meant to be used as formative assessment or possibly as material for walking students through how to complete tasks.

Click here to download Smitty’s Restaurant Item Sales Summary. Student instructions are listed in the textbox contained in the sheet. Remember that there are other, much more advanced skills that could be taught with this simple dataset, so think about ways you can rework the instructions to better target whatever skill you are trying to teach.

How to Create Zip Files in Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10)!

In this video, you’ll learn how to easily create zip files in all versions of Windows since XP. Zip files are great for sending several files and/or folders as a single attachment. If that weren’t cool enough, zip files are smaller on the storage device than the sum of the files and folders they contain (through the magic of compression)!

Setting Up a Paper in MLA Format Using MS Word 2013

In this video, you’ll be learning how to setup a paper in MLA format using Microsoft Word 2013. The spacing guidelines presented should conform to MLA 7th Edition, but you should always set things up how your professor wants (as some prefer older versions or variations of the standard).

The file used throughout this video can be found here: Sample MLA Paper (that’s formatted WRONG)